The Barrington Twin Tank Alternating Water Softener offers soft water 24 hours a day 7 days a week, no interruptions. The second tank of soft water acts as a back up ready to immediately provide soft water once 100% of the first tank is used. While tank two is in service, tank one is regenerating with soft water. That means less wear and tear on the valve and continuous soft water. 

15%-30% more savings in both salt and water. Unlike pre set systems the Barrington Twin Tank regenerates with soft water only when necessary. Plus it uses 100% of the water in the tanks that are in service. The end result? Major savings on salt and water. 

Features/Benefits of the Barrington Twin Tank Alternating Water Softener
-Soft water brining and regeneration/less wear and tear on the valve 
-Alternating on demand regeneration-soft water 24/7
-Available in electronic or mechanical configuration 
-Tested to withstand the equivalent of 27 years of uninterrupted daily use 
-Great on water with some iron in it-Life time warranty on tanks. 6 years on valve and 3 years FREE service.