Barrington SXT

The Barrington SXT water softener offers reliability, dependability and quality at a price that will fit all budgets. The Barrington SXT is built to handle all of your hard water problems. Choose the Barrington SXT and have peace of mind that you have let the water professionals, since 1969, work for you!

Features/Benefits of the Barrington SXT Series
-High grade resin 
-Fully metered on demand softener saves on salt and water
-Easy to read LCD display. Shows time and gallons of soft water remaining.
-Back up capacitor retains system settings and time of day during power outages.
-Full 1" valve ensures high service flows
-Softeners sizes from 16,000 grains to 80,000 grains
-Deluxe brine system with salt grid and safety float (choice of salt tank sizes)
-Life time warranty on tanks. 6 years on valve and 3 years FREE service.